Alien vs Predator 2

Alien vs Predator 2

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Alien Versus Predator 2 is a science fiction comp0uter video game. The game was developed by Monolith Productions and Third Law Interactive. It was published by Sierra Entertainment and Fox Interactive. It was released October 30, 2001.

AVP2 a first person shooter game where there is an option of choosing from three characters to go through the campaign with. The characters include Colonial Marine, the human, Predator or Alien. The campaign mode is single player and has separate objectives for each character. Each character also has their own special abilities and weapons to complete the game and defeat the other characters. The Predator's weapons are all notable weapons from the Predator films. The Aliens have no weapons; they use their tail, jaws and claws in combat. Colonial Marine has many weapons to use to try to compete with Aliens and Predators.

The storyline of the game takes place fifty years after the events that took place in the film Alien 3. Everything happens on planet LV-1201. Each character goes through the game with their own objectives, but their paths do intersect.

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