Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

Choose your favorite character and go flying off into space to learn about the planets

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    Rovio Entertainment Ltd

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    Rovio Entertainment Ltd

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    Mar 7, 2013

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    4.99 USD

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Angry Birds Space is software maker Rovio’s latest edition of its franchise hit Angry Birds. The new version has proved wildly popular. It was downloaded more than 10 million times in its first week on the market. The game is essentially a puzzle game in which players must slingshot birds at green pigs in order to kill them and advance levels (the birds are angry because the pigs stole their eggs). The trick lies in strategically shooting the birds into and around obstacles. The game is sufficiently fun and addictive that it’s a clear must-play for any smart phone user.

Angry Birds Space differs from the original Angry Birds in a few very important respects. First, and obviously, the birds are fighting the evil pigs in space this time. That means no air resistance and no gravity, so birds will fly straight and true unless they encounter some sort of object. Angry Birds Space retains all the randomly placed construction materials of its parent game, but adds in groups of asteroids and a few other surprises for good measure. The biggest change in the game is the presence of planetary atmospheres and gravitational fields. Most of the time birds fly through open space, but sometimes it’s necessary to slingshot them around a planet’s field or send them on a bombardment mission through the atmosphere. The game also includes a few new bird types, including the power “space eagle.”

All in all, Angry Birds Space is a classic puzzle game, and a nice time killer in a waiting room or on the morning commute. The game’s graphics and physics are simple but polished, and the plot is silly but charming. With its clever concept and addicting gameplay, it’s no wonder that the Angry Birds franchise is on the most popular mobile games of all time. Look for several more editions to come out in the future.

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