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Battlefield 1942

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When it comes to games that will draw players into some of the most notorious battles of World War II, few are as popular and expansive as Battlefield 1942. This was the original title in the Battlefield series and it helped Dice and EA launch one of their highest-selling series across multiple platforms. Here is a closer glimpse at this flagship game and what players can expect when they begin their own WWII campaign.

Battlefield 1942 is a squad-based first-person shooter that allows players to work through four unique combat campaigns. Just as with the other titles in the series, players will utilize period weapons and vehicles in order to carry out historically accurate ground attacks ranging from storming the beaches of Normandy to Panzer battles in Africa. During the campaign, players can team up with five primary countries including the British, Americans, Russians, Germans, and Japanese.

What really makes this game stand apart is the ability to seamlessly change classes throughout each match. Matches take place with multiple strategic locations in which each a team must secure and hold flagged areas. The more areas controlled, the faster the opposing team will lose tickets. Once a team loses all of their tickets, they have lost and the game is over. At the primary base and then smaller bases throughout the map, players can swap in and out of roles as needed with options such as engineers and medics.

It is this seamless changing of roles that makes combat so unique in this series. The game becomes heavily team-oriented as players must not only focus their efforts with one another, they must also pre-emptively change classes and bring in various vehicles for combat on a scale hardly seen anywhere else.

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