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The Battlefield franchise is now over 12 years old with millions of avid fans throughout the world. Much of this success has been rooted in Battlefield 2, one of the most popular titles to have ever been released by DICE. Here is a closer look at this first-person shooter and what gamers can expect once they launch into this immensely-popular PC title.

Unlike Battlefield 1942, players will operate their character through a modern battlefield involving U.S. Marines, a fictional Middle Eastern coalition (MEC), and the Chinese. As with most of the Battlefield releases, four unique infantry classes can be chosen, each with their own unique advantages. This includes the medics, assault soldiers, support, and the engineers. Classes can either be chosen before the match, after a death, or changed when near fallen soldiers of a different class including the weapon loadout.

Squads can house up to six troops with nine potential squads per team. This makes for one of the largest player-versus-player battles that is currently available in the franchise with a very heavy emphasis on teamwork and the utilization of squad leaders and commanders. Each of the vehicles and weapons used throughout the game can be upgraded by using them effectively with common attachments such as scopes and stabilizers. Commanders can further improve the chance of a victory with tactical options such as EMP bursts, cruise missiles, and resupply drops.

Overall, Battlefield 2 remains a key title for DICE and can be played online against enthusiasts throughout the world. With a handful of upgraded map packs and booster packs, players are sure to find countless hours of gameplay for either the campaign or going head to head against other squads.

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