Bus-Simulator 2012

Bus-Simulator 2012

Learn how to drive a big passenger bus through this virtual reality game system

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    TML Studios

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    astragon Software GmbH

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    Nov 22, 2013

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    9.99 USD

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    Single-player, Partial Controller Support, Includes level editor

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    English, German

The bus driver simulator has become an oddly specific niche game market in recent years, and if that's your style, then Bus Simulator 2012 is certainly the best of the bunch. It takes extra steps to make the experience more realistic than ever, even going as far as to give you a driver number and passcode to log onto the computers on the bus.

There are not as many customizable options in this game as there are in other bus simulators. For example, you only have two bus types: the standard and the articulated. You can switch between the two at any time, but those who like more options may be bored by the game's limitations. We found it was plenty for what the game had to offer.

Bus Simulator 2012 is all about creating a realistic experience, and as such, you have to take into account a lot more than just running the bus. You have to travel the right routes at the right times and make correct change for your passengers' fares. It's these little touches that give the game a level of challenge rarely seen in the simulation world. How you handle your customers and their comfort level is also taken into consideration - keep your bus too cold or drive too fast, and you'll lose points for your passengers being unhappy.

The level of detail is heightened by the fact that you can choose a specific month of the year for your shifts. Running the bus in January is very different from running it in August, and you'll have to adjust along the way to make sure your passengers say happy no matter what.

While Bus Simulator 2012 is light on route options and bus options, it more than makes up for it with its in-depth exploration of what it's actually like to drive a bus. If that's the kind of game you're looking for, this will hit the spot.

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