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Call of Duty 4, first of the Modern Warfare games, is considered by some to be the last great Call of Duty game. Many of the features found in later games started life with Modern Warfare and it has, in many ways, revolutionized the series.

The gameplay and graphics of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are the foundation of Call of Duty. Previous games ran on an older engine. Call of Duty 4 brings one significant change to the series, the likes of which had not been seen before. Previous Call of Duty games took place largely in the World War 2 era. Modern Warfare brings the fight to the modern age, an with it came numerous advances in weapon and vehicle technology.

Upping the stakes in campaign mode, Modern Warfare introduced Captain Price and his protege Soap, recurring characters that truly make a gamer invested in the otherwise ridiculous action movie plot of the game. With international terrorist plots, nuclear weapons and plenty of modern weapons, Call of Duty 4 assures gamers that the era of the World War is long past.

Just as the game revolutionized the single player campaign, so too did Modern Warfare revolutionize the multiplayer. Gamers create custom classes with killstreaks to call in, including a radar, airstrike and attack helicopter. With a wide variety of weapons and maps, Modern Warfare has something for everyone.

It's small wonder that, even today, Call of Duty 4 maintains a devout following on PC servers and console networking alike.

The game is not without issues. Call of Duty 4 is a good title to explore for experienced Call of Duty fans looking to learn the origins of Captain Price and the series they love. It is somewhat dated now, however, and some of the features introduced in later games are sorely missed.

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