Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Black Ops games have always tread more as the black sheep in the Call of Duty franchise with their crazy weapons and alternate histories. In Black Ops 3, you not only continue that line of thinking, you expand on it. The game embraces all its oddities that you might find in science fiction warfare. However, this game does more than set an innovative and revolutionary tone. You have a vast level of content, which is some of the best you will ever play in a CoD game.

Multiplayer takes on a depth many fans have grown to expect, but specialists have now been added to give the game even greater strategy. You can also pick the four player co-op missions where a new focus makes the campaign and Zombie modes more rewarding than in past games. Once you enter story mode, you will blast your way through a six-hour story where you roll in the beauty of science fiction.The game even includes its own techno-babble.

Because of ubiquitous technology, you can mentally interact with weapons, computer and other people as needed. The game sets a new precedent for special abilities, and the limitations have changed. Unfortunately, you can't use someone else's weapons because they have registered them to another person's brain. Where this game shines is how it adds new focus to combative powers. Whether you play the four player co-op campaign or blow the heads off some zombies, this Black Ops game puts a meaningful new spin on the CoD series. It lets your imagination about future warfare run free.


  • The graphics sparkle
  • Excellent voice casting for the zombies
  • Smooth and fluid gun fighting
  • Plenty of modes and a different unlockable campaign


  • The progression feels almost expected and predictable

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