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Call of Duty United Offensive

Call of Duty: United Offensive is the expansion pack released for the original Call of Duty on PC. The game is an action packed FPS (first person shooter) centered around 3 majors of the Allied forces during WWII. The game includes a slew of historic battles and over a dozen weapons from that era.

The expansion pack focused mainly on expanding the multi-player levels, making the maps much bigger than the ones in the game, as well as including more weapons that were seen in the single player campaign mode. It also introduced an in-game ranking system where you could earn bonuses like tanks and jeeps for the points you were awarded. The expansion pack also improved some of the mechanics, giving players the ability to sprint, use new weapons like the flamethrower, and deploy light machine guns.

With the new upgrades to multi-player, Call of Duty: United Offensive is an excellent pickup for anyone looking to play one of the best FPS games out now.

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