Call of Juarez™

Call of Juarez™

This chilling Western shooting game will have you captivated with its endless twists and turns

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    7.2 (110)
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    Nov 8, 2007

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    9.99 USD

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    Single-player, Multi-player, Steam Trading Cards

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    English, French, German, Spanish, Russian

Call of Juarez is a 3rd person action game set in the old west. That means horses, revolvers, and lots of shootouts. You play Billy Candle who is on the search for the lost gold of Juarez. You also spend time playing as Billy's uncle who is searching for the murderer of Billy's parents. You switch back and forth between the two, and this keeps the game varied as they are each very different. Billy has to sneak and use a bow and arrow, while his uncle Ray is a deadly gunfighter. The sneaking portions of the game are pretty simple and can lead to trial and error as you try to hide in a bush. The shooting works fine, and a limited bullet time ability is available to make help make those perfect shots when they really count. Overall the game is a spaghetti western. Not too deep, not perfect, but entertaining. Western games aren't often seen, so if you like them, definitely support this one.

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