Windows > Action
  • SharpShooter3D

    When the best friend becomes an enemy, and the main villain becomes you yourself and blood flows like a river, someone will definitely have to answer the main question - Who is behind the awakening of ancient evil and is there still a chance for humanity?

  • Homefront: The Revolution - Beyond the Walls
    Homefront: The Revolution - Beyond the Walls

    The second American Revolution has been crushed by the KPA occupation forces, and Philadelphia - last stronghold of the Resistance - is about to fall

  • Saints Row IV: Commander-In-Chief Pack
  • CortexGear: AngryDroids
    CortexGear: AngryDroids

    CortexGear:AngryDroids is a clasic 3d Sci-Fi shooting sidescroller where quick tactics and skills need to be in harmony the beat the game

  • Achievement Hunter: Darkness 2
    Achievement Hunter: Darkness 2

    Achievement Hunter: Darkness is a 2d action / shooter game in which you play as the protagonist, who is in the land of eternal darkness

  • Geneshift

    Geneshift is a top-down shooter bursting with brutal gunplay and insane vehicle action

  • Realms of Magic
    Realms of Magic

    2D Action RPG set in a classic western fantasy universe

  • Strain Tactics
    Strain Tactics

    Strain Tactics is a real-time-with-pause tactical game, where you command a squad of soldiers to liberate earth from an alien infestation


    Never STANDBY in this fast-paced, precise platformer and get out of the glitched world!

  • Almost Alive
    Almost Alive

    Almost Alive is redefining the role playing tactical games with an awesome real time combat system in a mad hand drawn post apocalyptic world that features character mental sanity as one of the core elements of a game with a non linear story