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  • Ace of Spades Beta 0.75
    Ace of Spades

    Although still a work in progress, Ace of Spades is gathering fans. The game’s similarities to Minecraft are evident in both game play and screenshots. Players will notice that Ace of Spades features pixilated

  • Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Demo
    Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

    Mafia the City of Lost Heaven was one of the first really strong contenders to Grand Theft Auto. Instead of being excessive and silly, Mafia went the more realistic route. This allows it to have a serious, well-done

  • DevastationZone Troopers 1.32
    DevastationZone Troopers

    DevastationZone Troopers is a 3D third-person shooter that channels classic shooters, before 3D was all the rage. In other words, DevastationZone Troopers is not an in-depth game. Instead, it’s a non-stop rock

  • Determinance Demo

    In "Determinance," a third-person sword-fighting action game for the PC, players engage in deadly aerial duels, defying gravity to clash steel blades while soaring through the heavens like superheroes. Moving

  • .kkrieger chapter I Beta

    A fully three-dimensional first person shooter in only 96 kilobytes of memory. This isn't a typographical error, indeed, you just read that there is a 3d FPS which has an executable that runs all of its resources

  • Miner Wars 2081 Pre Alpha
    Miner Wars

    Set in the year 2081, some 10 years after the Earth's destruction, "Miner Wars" is a first-person space adventure that lets players control a mining ship exploring the Inner Solar System in search of vital

  • Fists of Fu Beta 10.0.116
    Fists of Fu

    Fists of Fu is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is free to play with full 3-D interaction. The game is by Outspark and has a completely 3-D environment with graphics in the style of

  • Call Of Duty Revolt 0.1 Public Alpha
    Call Of Duty Revolt

    If you like Call of Duty, you’ll love Team Revolts mod called Revolt. This mod is a complete conversion mod meaning that it completely changes the game. They have updated the weapons and designed custom campaigns

  • World War II On Line 1.29
    World War II On Line

    World War II Online, also known as Battleground Europe, is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter that puts you in command of Axis or Allied forces during the Blitzkrieg campaigns in Western Europe from 1940

  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior Demo
    Sniper: Ghost Warrior

    Sniper Ghost Warrior has a tactical shooter design that uses a first person perspective. In this game, players take on the role of various skilled snipers that are sent to missions within the jungles of a fictional