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  • Shikhondo(食魂徒) - Soul Eater
    Shikhondo(食魂徒) - Soul Eater

    Select one of the Grim Reaper or girl.

  • Wooden Battles
    Wooden Battles

    Build a wooden fort, place your units, watch the mayhem!

  • One way to exit
    One way to exit

    Move forward or backward in search of an exit, but remember, if you started moving you can not stop, and in any case, do not touch the walls, otherwise you have to start all over again.

  • Escape First
    Escape First

    "Escape First"

  • Re Angel
    Re Angel

    Re Angel is a 2nd visual novel created by Studio GU, an indy game developer from Thailand.

  • Adventures Of Pipi
    Adventures Of Pipi

    You play as an alien Pipi, whose ship was wrecked on the planet Vapeland.

  • Town of Night
    Town of Night

    Town of Night is a RPG-First-person dungeon crawler hybrid.

  • Danmaku Unlimited 3
    Danmaku Unlimited 3

    Take to the skies once again as the last defender of humanity against overwhelming odds!

  • SpaceBourne

    Spacebourne is an open space exploration game with Rpg elements.