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Cross Fire comes from SmileGate, which is a South Korean game publisher. The game is free to download and was developed for online play. It's a first-person shooter game and is exclusively for the PC platform. The premise of the game is built around two mercenary teams. Black List and Global Risk are these operations, and they fight each other throughout the game with players taking on the role of mercenaries for either team.

The teams are given scenarios and must work together to complete their missions. Most modes support two teams of up to eight players each. Ten modes comprise the game. The main objective of the game is for the players to demonstrate outstanding performance in order to gain points. These "experience points" are accumulated in order to achieve promotions to higher ranks within the mercenary corporation. trainee first class is the lowest and starting rank, while the highest and ultimate rank is Marshall. Players can spend money to customize their character with special apparel or accessories purchased from the in-game shop or website mall.

There is a free currency for the game that is called Game Points. These can be accumulated through achievements within the game.Premium and much sought after items costs actual money, as does the ability to acquire bonus Game Points. Some things, like the name of points, do vary depending on the version of Cross Fire installed.

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