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Dead Space 2

After the psychological thriller that Dead Space was, Dead Space 2 was welcomed by fans of the original game, although many were surprised by the fact that it was somewhat less of a frightening experience like the original one was.

Dead Space 2 Pros

  • Great graphics: Nobody had any complaints about the graphics in the original Dead Space, but the graphics for Dead Space 2 still see an upgrade here, making the experience much more exciting to watch while playing on the PC.
  • New areas: In Dead Space, the player is left alone and trapped on a space ship seemingly destined to succumb to the dark void. In Dead Space 2, the space ship is no longer the focus, making for a new environment that does not get old the longer the game goes on.

Dead Space 2 Cons

  • Too dark: Understandably, the area protagonist Issac is located will not be bright and sunny, but there is a limit to how dark the area should be. Considering how great the graphics are, it is a shame that the game is too dark to really see the work that Visceral put into it.
  • Sudden voice: In Dead Space, Isaac was a silent protagonist, which is a common enough trend for companies looking to have players feel immersed in the game, as if they are the protagonist. However, Visceral rips this out completely by hiring a voice actor for Isaac. While this gives him personality, it is too unusual considering his initial silence, and it no longer allows players to pretend they are in his shoes.
  • Poor multiplayer: For one reason or another, Dead Space 2 was another one of the games lost in the trend of ones that received multiplayer without needing it. As expected, this is a game that did not present its multiplayer well, and this is proven through the very few number of online players. In fact, it only took a few months after release for multiplayer to effectively die.

Gamers interested in a survival horror game for the single player story may wish to pass on other failed titles in the genre and go for Dead Space 2 instead. However, those looking for a multiplayer experience will have no choice but to press onward for a different title in the genre in its stead.

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