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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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For those that remember the original Deus Ex, it's hard to imagine improving on perfection. The revolutionary gameplay combined the best elements of first person shooters with adaptive role playing and character development. Throw in a Bourne-series style plot, beautifully rendered and fully interactive environment, and an excellent replayability factor and it's no wonder Deus Ex won Game of the Year in 2000. Over ten years later, Eidos Montreal pushes the envelope in quality gaming once again.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set in 2027 as a prequel to the original. The plot follows ex-SWAT agent Adam Jensen who now works as private security for Sarif Industries, a leading biotech company specializing in revolutionary human augmentation and nano technology. After an unprovoked attack on Sarif Industries leaves Jensen close to death, he is involuntarily fitted with augs that save his life. Using his newly acquired powers, he pursues the perpetrators that left him for dead to uncover the genesis of the attack, all the while questioning the profound effect of nanotechnology on humankind and curating his personal opinion of bioaugmentation.

The game functions much the same way the original did: Jensen is equipped with augmentations that can be advanced through skill points and items called Praxis kits that are found intermittently throughout the game. Players can choose to develop skills as they see fit, which allows for nearly limitless styles of gameplay. Should the player choose the Duke Nukem human tank route, Dermal Armor and Accuracy augs will prove useful. If the player chooses the Jullian Assange route, there's the applicable Hacking and Stealth augs. With 21 total augmentations available you can be sure there's something for everyone. Weapons can also be fitted with upgrades that are found and purchased throughout the game.

Though the tried and true gameplay of the original forms the backbone of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, new features such as lethal or non-lethal takedowns and expandable inventory change gameplay enough to create a brand new experience. The adaptive plot that pivots on player's decisions also adds replayability and depth to the story. If you're not familiar with the original Deus Ex, expect a gameplay cross between Metal Gear Solid and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six with a sprinkling of Final Fantasy (or your choice of player development RPG). It is an absolute joy to play and is sure to satisfy gamer's expectations.

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