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Don’t Get Angry

Don't Get Angry brings all the fun of the classic board game to your computer. Supporting up to four players (either human or computer-controlled opponents with clever artificial intelligence), you'll always have someone to play against. This computer version offers brand-new 3D graphics to keep your game experience fresh, along with a bevy of sound effects with loads of character.

The same fun gameplay you've come to expect from Don't Get Angry is intact here, with all the great random events that can tilt the game in anyone's favor at any time. A roll of the dice can send you flying toward or careening back, and every event that occurs has a humorous twist. Strange items like Boxes of Chaos and Vitamins spice up the action with some laughs, while others provide all the gameplay staples you've come to expect in a classic board game adaptation.

Don't Get Angry is a new twist on an old classic that is great fun for you, your friends, or your whole family to play!

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Don't Get Angry, 2.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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