Dota 2 Reborn

Dota 2

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    Real Time Strategy

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    Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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Valve's Defense of the Ancients 2 (DoTA 2) is a wildly popular MOBA game that takes a bit more skill and knowledge to play than most other games in the category. In fact, many players have been playing since the original DoTA game and have leveled up their characters in order to be the best in the game. However, with all types of heroes that are free to play any day of the week and ultra real graphics and effects, it's one of the better MOBAs out there.

DoTA 2 is definitely for the PVP addict. Players team up with four other people and choose heroes that have all kinds of abilities and special talents. Players can be a ranger, mage, bruiser, tank or a variety of in-between crossbreeds that do damage, support or just take as much damage as possible in a team fight. The best part about DoTA is being able to try out all the heroes that you want.

The DoTA community can be a little unfriendly to new players, but there's always the choice to practice and play against bots until you feel comfortable enough with a few different heroes and understand the map. Players often migrate from other MOBAs like League of Legends only to find that there are ton of new rules and game mechanics that make the game challenging at first. For one, DoTA allows players to purchase a donkey for the team that can purchase and deliver items anywhere to players on the map. However, donkeys can also be killed by enemy teams for extra gold.

Players have to fight to defend towers and ultimately prevent the enemy team from taking over your base. By killing minions, winning team fights and securing the river and jungle with wards, players can out-smart their competition and ultimately win the match.

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