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Dracula Origin

Dracula Origins is a point and click adventure game where you take the role of Van Hellsing, renowned monster hunter, and try to track down Dracula. You must solve puzzles, collect clues, and talk to other characters to find the origins of Dracula and stop him.

The story of tracking down Dracula seems rather basic but it becomes much more involved and ends up being rather intriguing. The gameplay is usual adventure fare, it is quite well done and entertaining. The puzzles are a decent challenge and require some thought and logic. The whole process of moving from area to area collecting clues and coming closer and closer to Dracula is entertaining and well done. This is aided heavily by the graphics which are very good for an adventure game. They are extremely detailed and don't slack when it comes to the environments or the characters. The dark gothic feel is excellently represented by the art and sound design.

Overall the game is very strong, a great adventure game.

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