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Duke Nukem Forever

It sounded like a very creative attempt by fans to spread rumor of a non-existent sequel to an unusual and underrated game series. A little over a decade ago, Duke Nukem Forever would be ready for release, only to be cancelled due to financial woes. Being picked up by another company thanks to the demands of fans, it gets the release it finally deserves.

Duke Nukem Forever isn't your everyday futuristic FPS game about an alien hunter, but about an alien hunter who gets by flirting with the ladies and crude jokes. Perhaps it was worth the wait for a release in the current-gen era, if you think about the technology advancements in gaming, though hardly any changes were made since the game's development in the late 1990s. There's a lot you can do around you besides taking out alien invaders, including talking trash to supporting characters, and more you can do that isn't necessary to the story at all, but as a fixture to the game's crude side.

Aside from the critiques from disappointed reviewers, Duke Nukem Forever is worth a playthrough at least once, because it's a game more mature gamers — with an acquired taste of strange humor, of course — have access to after 13 years of speculation.

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