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Based on Christopher Paolini's best-selling novel and the movie made from it, Eragon casts you in the role of a farm boy who's found out he's destined to be a legendary dragon rider. Needless to say, in the way of fantasy fiction, this attracts a lot of enemies, and it's your job to fight them off.

Eragon is armed with a sword and a bow, and you can learn magic such as a fireball and a force blast during the game. These will stand you in good stead as you progress through the game's levels, blasting your way through waves of enemies. You can chain attacks together for combos as well as just button-mashing along, and there are some platforming and puzzle levels to ensure you have to use your brain as well as your thumb.

Of course, since you're a dragon rider, you have a dragon friend to aid you. Some levels give you the opportunity to call in your dragon to attack enemies. There are also levels where you mount up on your dragon and take to the air, attacking flying enemies with your bow and dragon breath.

The game has a co-op mode as well, which allows two players to join in simultaneously.

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