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It goes without saying that, especially in Europe, association football, or soccer as it is known in America, is a very popular sport that has spawned quite a few titles in the video game industry. As for Sega's entry in 2011, there is Football Manager 2012, considered by many to be the best one in the series thus far.

Football Manager 2012 Pros

  • Leagues: In Football Manager 2012, it is possible to turn the leagues on and off, permitting players to change their experience.
  • Control: Though not a new concept to the Football Manager series, there are several features players can enjoy, allowing them to have complete, total control over the team that they manage. It makes the game great for personalizing itself.
  • True to the series: It's like the older games, but it has so many new features as well. It also does very well to cater to fans of the niche. It may also interest other players in that it is almost like a role-playing game.

Football Manager 2012 Cons

  • DRM: For the first time, PC players are required to use the Steam gaming platform in order to enjoy a round of Football Manager. By doing this, it makes it necessary to ensure all players are connected to the Internet before their copy of the game works properly. While DRM is often considered by many to be a necessary part of life as piracy increases, this is only required to activate the game, not to simply be online. It is considered a con because this prevents anybody from being able to play the game without first having an Internet connection.
  • Lacks modes: Football Manager 2012 falls a little short in terms of its playable modes when compared to its competitor, FIFA 12.
  • Niche: Though the same can be said for all sports games, Football Manager 2012 simply is too specific to a certain niche, and even if non-football fans were to take the somewhat RPG experience, it would not necessarily work the same for them without fully understanding the sport.

As is the case with any sports games, Football Manager 2012 alienates non-fans too much while providing a great experience to fans of the sport.

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