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Free Chess allows players from around the world to dive into a thought-provoking and exciting game of chess. The free edition offers players six levels of difficulty; pick a level from beginner all the way up to expert, and then go head to head versus the computer.

If you're just practicing, Free Chess allows players to undo mistakes; this is a great way to pick up on weaknesses in your game. Players can undo moves to see where their thought process went wrong. Free Chess provides players with a standard move history; move histories are very handy when studying your game. After your moves are recorded, you have the option to jump to any point during the game. If you are trying out new strategies, you can jump to certain points to see how they work out.

Free Chess provides users with a variety of visual styles for the board, pieces and background. The application does a great job at animating and highlighting moves; this makes the situation on the board easy to decipher. Helpful animations can be turned on for beginners; these animations show newer players helpful hints like where they can move their pieces. If you're just getting started out in chess, the Free Chess animations work to get you comfortable quickly; the game also comes with a help and rules menu option.

Free Chess makes use of a multi-threaded AI algorithm; this speeds up the game by making use of all of your computer's processors. The application quickly computes moves in a short span of time; unlike other chess games, there is no waiting around while the computer decides what the best course of action is.

If you want to download a challenging free chess game that doesn't contain any malware or spyware, then Free Chess is your best bet. When you download it, you get a fully functional game that doesn't come with any time limits.

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