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Gold Miner Vegas

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Gold Miner Vegas is a cute computer game which can be downloaded to your PC from many software gaming sites. On most sites it's listed in the Arcade genre.

The object of the Gold Miner games is to accumuate wealth through gold mining. This is accomplished by gathering gold and other items that total up to the level's goal within a given time (such as 30 seconds).

To gold mine in this game, the gamer must be quick and precise. A claw on a cable swings back and forth and on the gamer's command will reach out and grab gold or jewels. If the gamer's command was not accurate, the claw will return with nothing. It's also possible to grab things the gamer doesn't want such as heavy rocks that spend valuable time being reeled in.

In between levels the gamer may purchase items to help with the next level (such as dynamite to destroy heavy rocks that get attached to the claw and four leaf clovers to make the value of gems higher). It's important to note, however, that any money spent purchasing options makes the gamer further away from the next level's goal.

This latest version, Gold Miner Vegas, incorporates better graphics and new locations. On top of that, casino type gambling is available in some levels and after reaching Las Vegas. This is not one of those games that is impossible to win, but it takes some true dedication to get through all levels.

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