Gran Skrea Online

Gran Skrea Online

Gran Skrea invites players to create their own destiny in an original world of medieval fantasy

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Gran Skrea invites players to create their own destiny in an original world of medieval fantasy. Embark on varied and challenging quests, square off in ruthless PvP combat, or write your character’s story through an unstructured economy and player-created guilds. The mythology and danger of Gran Skrea await adventurers seeking new experiences in a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game!Steam Early Access to Gran Skrea (GS) opens in early 2018, and already offers a robust feature set:Quests to compel and guide characters as they advanceCohesive and meaningful lore behind the residents of Gran Skrea and their Immortal godsOver 20 combat and crafting skills to level up, unlocking new content and abilitiesFull-loot player-versus-player combatRepercussions for criminal activity - think twice before slaying innocent people!Gather resources and level up crafting skills to create items with unique statsCharacter homes to build, furnish, and tradeCo-operative dungeons to explore and host brutal boss fightsPlayer-focused economy, such as higher-level items that can only be crafted by playersLooking to the future, GS's development roadmap focuses on features that expand the world and give players tools to further define their character’s role:Vast lands for exploration and adventureA variety of distinct cities and culturesAn extensive guild system, including territorial warfare and tax revenueAuction houses for player tradingPlayer- and guild-owned shopsCustomizable items, abilities, stats, and appearancePlayer-owned ships and naval warfareSupport development with member subscriptions and perksGran Skrea is independently-developed by a bunch of monkeys banging on keyboards around the world. It combines a desire for new player-defined MMORPG mechanics with influences from classic RPGs like Runescape, Ultima Online, and The Elder Scrolls. The game features music by New Light Audio.

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