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Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone is an indie adventure game where you play a spy on a mission. First you must infiltrate a party in search of a glue. Then you must break into an office to steal something of great importance, and finally you must escape with your life.

The graphics are charmingly low key, everyone has square heads. The sound effects are similar, with low-fi sounds but high quality vintage music creating some great atmosphere.

The game is mostly about platforming, with a few puzzles scattered throughout. The platforming is well done and not frustrating, and the puzzles are relatively simple.

The only real issue with the game is that it is so short. It gives you just a taste of a surprisingly interesting and atmospheric world, only to end in under an hour. There's not much else to do but follow your main objective either. This game is free and is definitely worth a try. Hopefully it is just a taste of what's to come.

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