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Hidden & Dangerous

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Released in 1999 for the the Dreamcast, the PlayStation, and the PC, "Hidden & Dangerous" helped pioneer the tactical, first-person/third-person shooter video game genre. Players command a British Special Air Service team during World War II and must execute vital missions behind enemy lines. Before each deadly assignment, players select their preferred soldiers and equipment from the eight-man team, matching each soldier's strengths with the specific mission objective, whether that means rescuing prisoners of war, perpetrating destructive sabotage, or engaging in search and destroy tactics. 

"Hidden & Dangerous" provides gamers with a remarkably authentic squad-based action game, with strategy and intelligent planning far more important than mere button mashing. Players can opt for either a first-person or third-person perspective depending on whether aiming or maneuverability is more important during a particular scenario. The game's exceptional graphics render the nearly two dozen missions with startling accuracy, complete with changing weather conditions and varying terrains. The soundtrack only adds to the intensity with its bone-rattling explosions and rich orchestral music. And best of all, the computer AI makes for a challenging foe, as enemy soldiers display lethal marksmanship and devious cunning on the battlefield. 

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