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Hunting Unlimited

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Hunting Unlimited is an action game in the first person shooter style. Most FPS games are fast paced, kinetic and chaotic. Hunting Unlimited, on the other hand, is methodical. It is, after all, a hunting game, and the goal of the game is to get the shot on trophy bucks. The main stomping ground in the game is North America, but each edition brings new locations, such as the Bavarian Forest in Germany.

The biggest mistake this series makes is using the term unlimited in the title. Perhaps that gives the gamer unrealistic expectations and sets them up for disappointment. Hunting Unlimited is not an unlimited or ultimate hunting game experience. It does, however, take a subset of this genre and execute it extremely well. This is a fun, well-crafted gaming experience.

Hunting Unlimited includes more than 100 missions, and players can create their own experiences using the mission editor. The game offers more than 32 weapons and accessories, including shotguns, rifles, compound bows, crossbows, scopes, decoys, blinds and baits. The game also delivers a full range of animals for the locales, including mule deer, red deer, moose and mountain lions.

There are 18 big game animals in all, and the tracking and hunting system in the game is engaging, challenging and rewarding. Through the challenge mode, the game delivers a robust hunting experience, and with free hunt mode, the game lets the player quick play without hassle. The biggest mistake non-hunting gamers will make is assuming that this game has nothing for them. Hunting Unlimited offers an experience that challenges and rewards the gamer regardless of whether he or she enjoys hunting for real.

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