Kumoon 1.2


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    Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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"Kumoon" is a unique video game combining classic puzzle elements with the gameplay of a third-person shooter. Finnish programmer Mikko Oksalahti published the game in 2005, using his Mope physics engine to drive the internal action.

Players control a yellow baby chick that must turn each level's red blocks into white blocks by shooting the blocks, by pushing them into walls, by dropping heavy objects on them, or by dropping them from significant heights. Players earn 10 points for each red block that turns white, although ricocheting bullets off walls before hitting red blocks can earn significant bones points. A player's point total also serves as his ammunition supply, with one bullet for the standard revolver costing 100 points, a single shotgun shell costing 500 points, and a single grenade launcher round costing 500 points. However, the first shot of each level is free of charge.

The game includes 39 total levels. To clear a level, players must turn all the red blocks white while maintaining a positive point score. Aside from spending points to shoot weapons, players also lose points for directly touching red bricks, requiring them to push white bricks into the red bricks to avoid point deductions. 

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