A first-person shooting game that is set in New York and London's dark parts

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    5.0 (240)
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    Spark Unlimited

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    SouthPeak Games

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    Dec 1, 2008

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    2.99 USD

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Legendary is a first person shooter where you try to save the world from an invasion of mythological creatures. There's lots of demons and werewolves running around and you have a gun, so guess what happens next? Legendary gives you a fairly average selection of weapons and a pretty basic story, but high end graphics. There's a lot of vicious creatures in Legendary and you will navigate each level and blast them to survive. There's griffons, demons, werewolves and a lot of other crazy monsters. The game is a fairly average shooter, but it also comes with some bugs which can force you to restart a level or the game. If you really love shooters and a somewhat new setting and some different enemies are all you need, then this game fits the bill. Otherwise, you should probably try the demo and see if this is really the shooter for you.

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