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Download LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy: PC Demo or Full Version
Lego Star Wars

Released first in two parts and now, as a complete saga, Lego Star Wars is packed with everything you remember from your childhood Lego set and wrapped in the fantastically entertaining Star Wars universe.

Lego video games are known for their comical additions to classic stories, but the gameplay has it's own interesting elements that are sure to keep gamers coming back for more. Lego Star Wars has no lack of entertainment value and in fact, is much more playable than when they were released separately. Players get to take on the whole sage piece by piece, or brick by brick rather, and become part of the story itself, playing as any character you could imagine. There is plenty to do as you go about collecting hidden bricks and coins, unlocking characters and battling friends in mini games, and the free play mode allows you the freedom to go back and complete levels with different characters, unlocking items you couldn't before.

While some fans might have sighed at the release of the prequel movies, there is no doubt they would get a chuckle and several hours of gameplay out of this Lego Star Wars.

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