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Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the oldest and most enduring game titles today. The game is distinct from most modern titles because it does not focus on combat. It is a true simulator designed to give players the experience of piloting a real plane. The last version of the simulator used very advanced graphics to render terrain and planes realistically. This means the title requires a good hardware setup to run at high frame rates. Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator is often a very relaxing and engaging experience.

Players have the option of going through a flight school when starting the game. The flight school walks through many of the basic controls needed to fly a plane. The controls can be complex at first since many different parts of the aircraft can be controlled just like in a real cockpit. Players will have an easier time learning using a flight stick controller. It does become very easy to fly the planes after completing some of the training sessions.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has a few different game modes and objectives. Free flight allows players to simply fly anywhere in a diverse range of aircraft from ultralights to commercial jets. Players can land or take off from any of the 25,000 real-world airports in the game. There is also very detailed scenery especially around landmarks and popular locations. The scenery does become less detailed in remote areas. The game includes a very realistic weather simulator so that players can be challenged by flying through rain, snow or high winds. It is even possible to incorporate real-world weather data.

Microsoft Flight Simulator also has missions. These missions usually challenge the skill of players by presenting unusually difficult conditions when flying or landing. Some missions include rare aircraft that cannot be accessed any other way. A few missions are similar to achievements and are completed by viewing landmarks or discovering in-game Easter eggs. The game even has a multiplayer mode so friends can fly together and communicate across voice chat. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a very unique title with unusual and in-depth gameplay options.

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