Might and Magic Heroes 6

Might and Magic Heroes 6

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The "Heroes of Might & Magic" series has long enchanted gamers with its fantastical adventure game entries, and "Might & Magic Heroes VI" is another worthy entry to the franchise. This turn-based strategy game may look complicated to some, but gamers often find the learning curve to be relatively shallow once they get into the game. Gamers will enjoy the rich graphics and the addictive nature of game-play as well as the classic "Heroes" formula.

The storyline of "Might & Magic Heroes VI" takes place about 400 years before the previous installment, but gamers will appreciate the same "Heroes" style that first drew them into the franchise. Some people complain about the similarity in concept to the other "Heroes" games, but many fans find this to be a virtue as it allows them to seamlessly slip into the new game. The game itself is not simply a rehash of the previous "Heroes" title; it includes five new campaigns, a new faction, and new creatures, to name a few additions.

Each game player must choose one of the five factions; this choice directs everything from what creatures the player can recruit to which type of buildings the player can construct. The basic structure of the game begins with the player building towns, and then follows the player as he or she trains troops for battle. Players' characters can learn abilities as the game progresses and they gain experience; the player's faction often dictates which abilities it can learn.

One feature that has caused mixed feelings is quick combat. When a player selects this option, the game's AI handles combat for the gamer based on previous choices. Some find this to be a convenient way to skim through battles, while others feel that the player gains more satisfaction from actively directing combat. This choice will have to be made by each gamer after experimentation.

Gamers can also play multiplayer matches with and against one another. "Might & Magic Heroes 6" features Skype integration as well as a friends list, so players can interact with one another in that manner. Players should build up their own dynasties before engaging others in multiplayer because if they have not done so, others who have will easily defeat them in combat. This game's 14 skirmish maps offer many exploration opportunities, and the graphics will make gamers want to spend hours playing "Might & Magic Heroes 6."

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