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Octodad Game

Octodad is a game where you play as an undercover octopus. The problem is, you have a human family who can't be allowed to discover your identity. This leads to a hilarious adventure where you try to perform everyday chores.. as an octopus. With so many arms and no opposable thumbs this becomes quite the challenge as you try to look like a normal human and totally not an octopus. You must complete these tasks under the watchful eyes of your family, whose suspicion bar will go up every time you make a mistake.

This game is an original idea from University students, and is hilarious just by itself. Even failing utterly is a joy as you watch your family react to the discovery. The only sad thing about this game is how short it is and the fact that it will probably never be expanded on. It is free and so, so worth your time.

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Octodad Game, 3.6 out of 5 based on 21 ratings

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