Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

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Known for their addicting and colorful games, Popcap Games presents Plants Vs. Zombies, a fun game in which intrepid gardeners use special types of plants to protect their homes from a zombie onslaught.

Gamers find themselves starting with the most basic of plants: the Peashooter. After selecting a plant and placing it on their lawn, close or far from the zombie onslaught, players must collect falling suns for sunlight to create more plants. It becomes a race against the clock as more and more zombies attack the house in a frenzied attempt to get the brains they so crave.

As the game progresses, players are introduced to different types of zombies. Some have protective headgear, like parking cones and buckets, while others move faster and are stronger.

The most basic version of the game is free to download from Pop Cap Games and is still incredibly entertaining for the casual player. Players with the free game can engage the game in four modes: Adventure, Survival, Minigames and Puzzle, though the latter three are locked until a certain level of the Adventure portion is beaten. If a player does decide to purchase the game, they can gain access to five types of game play, fifty levels with twenty six types of zombies and forty nine types of plants.

Players are advised to start building their Sunflowers early to harvest sunlight so that when a zombie attack happens, they can be prepared to shell out the plants. The more sunlight that's harvested, the more defensive plants can be placed. The Wall-Nut works well to protect Sunflowers, especially when a Pea Shooter or two is placed right before it. Cherry Bombs work perfectly to take out an adjacent cluster of zombies and are mostly wasted on one zombie, unless it's a dire emergency.

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