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Pokemon Revolution is the Wii entry into Nintendo's wildly successful Pokemon franchise. The game places the main character in Poketopia, a Pokemon themed park, filled with 11 different Colosseum for battling Pokemon. While the game marks a major graphical improvement over it's "Pokemon Stadium" predecessors, the game play and content take a huge step backwards from past entries. If you're looking for the perfect console Pokemon game, keep looking.

The game starts weak from the beginning if you don't have a pre-assembled Pokemon team on one of the DS Pokemon RPGs. You're given a "ticket" that gives you a random selection of Pokemon, but you don't really have control over what that selection is. Pretty much the only thing you can do in the game is battle Pokemon. When almost every other game in the series provides a story, mini-games, and some sort of adventuring, this just isn't enough.

When it comes to the battling, that too feels somewhat neglected. There's no online leader boards, removing any competitive incentive from the game. While the system itself works fine, several features present from past console ventures, such as the ability to play the portable adventure on your television, are missing.

The biggest strong point of the game is the graphics. The polygon count far exceeds that of past versions, and graphical effects like motion blur and light blooming are present. However, during the battle, there's odd inconsistencies, such as characters that rest normally after taking a devastating blow.

Steer away from this game; the past N64 and Gamecube versions provide much more of an adventure, and even the portable games blow this disc out of the water. This game had a chance to bring the next generation of Pokemon to the Wii, and it comes off as nothing but a cash-in.

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