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Portal 2 is a videogame developed by Valve. It originated from the first game, Portal, being released in the Orange Box and resulted in ultimate success. The first game was a mere "experiment" in 2007, but its positive reception directed Valve to introduce a sequel, Portal 2. Both games were an excellent addition to players who were familiar with the Half-Life series, and the Portal games became known to be unique and compelling.

Portal 2 was one of the most anticipated games of the year, and it was eventually released in 2011. Unlike the first game (and all other Valve titles), Portal 2 was cross-platform with PlayStation 3 players. The game also introduced new gameplay, characters, and backstory, additionally being released with comics to build the story into an elaborate plot.

As for the game itself, its gameplay is so unique that it is difficult to classify it into a genre. It is played in a first-person perspective as the player "shoots" portals, and these portals are used to solve quizzical puzzles. The difficulty of the puzzles are excellent; it is not ridiculously easy, but you are also not stuck repeating the same puzzle for hours resulting in failing attempts.

ESRB has few games that they have rated E for everyone that have become immensely successful, but Portal 2 is definitely one of them. There is also a fare share of action as your character dodges and maneuvers themselves around turrets that fire projectiles at you, but at the same time it is very relaxed and casual, and some of us hardcore gamers appreciate a change in direction from blood and violence.

And this is not even half of the game. After the campaign is played, the player is able to have an entire new experience with the cooperative mode. It is similar to the single-player campaign, but you are required to play with a partner to solve a new array of puzzles, playing as robots with more personality than human characters in competing videogames.

And when you have been satisfied with single-player and co-op mode, you literally have an infinite amount of gameplay left. Valve has incorporated community chambers into the game, so any Portal 2 player can easily create their own chamber and publish it on the Internet. The result is all players being granted access to all of these thousands and thousands of chambers, giving you unlimited entertainment.

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