Rayman® Origins

Rayman® Origins

Epic 2D platformer which aims to update a classic franchise with high definition graphics and dynamic gameplay

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    8.6 (95)
  • Category(ies):

    Action , Adventure

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    Mac OS

  • Developer(s):

    UBIart Montpellier, Feral Interactive (Mac)

  • Publishers(s):

    Ubisoft, Feral interactive (Mac)

  • Release Date:

    Mar 29, 2012

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  • Price:

    19.99 USD

  • Tags:

    Single-player, Shared/Split Screen, Full controller support

  • Languages:

    Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Spanish

Rayman Origins is a new game from developer Ubisoft that provides a next generation spin on the classic series of Rayman games. Rather than being in developed in 3D like most current generation platforming games, Rayman Origins uses remarkably beautiful 2D artwork for the characters and environments found in the game. Players can choose to play as the titular character Rayman, his good pal Globox, or one of two characters known only as the Teensy. Since the game features four-player co-op, all four of these characters can be used at once if you have several pals to play with.

The story of Rayman Origins is a bit complicated, but the jist of it is that the magical land known as the Glade of Dreams is in trouble thanks to the meddling of the evil inhabitants of the Land of the Livid Dead. After several of the land's creatures, known as Electoons, are imprisoned, Rayman and his pals set out to free them and defeat several powerful bosses along the way. As the player progresses through the game's challenging levels, they can collect Lums to help free more Electoons and discover items known as ruby teeth. If all the ruby teeth are collected, a bonus stage is unlocked.

Fans of the Rayman series and 2D platformers will find the game both refreshingly new and comfortably reminiscent of classic platformers from the past. Every level is jam-packed with secrets to discover, beautiful graphics and fun challenges to overcome. While the game is a bit too difficult at times, it is definitely a worthwhile adventure for gamers of all ages.

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