Risk 2

Risk 2

Risk is a classic board game by Parker Brothers, now Hasbro, which pits players against each other in a turn-based world war scenario. Risk 2 is a PC port of the original board game, as well as a refinement over the original PC game. This refinement includes artificial intelligence that is much improved, new and enhanced multiplayer options, and social networking integration, including Facebook.

Risk 2 also has two modes: Classic Risk and Same Time Risk, which is new with this edition. Classic Risk recreates the classic board game authentically, and gamers can play it locally, on a LAN, via the Internet, and even through email. Same Time Risk is not quite a real-time strategy game. Instead, reinforce, attack and consolidate occur as a single phase, one player at a time. After each player has completed his setup phase, the combat phase occurs simultaneously. Much more than a gimmick, Same Time Risk adds a great deal of strategy to this classic game.

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