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Roblox is an open-ended online multiplayer sandbox game that combines exploration, building and even coding. The game is centered on creating different structures and objects from virtual colored blocks similar to some toys for children. Players can construct anything from large monuments and houses or spaceships and cars. The sandbox aspect of the game means there is no central plot or storyline. Players who enter the game can do whatever they want within the rules of the game world. This provides a large number of play options although people used to structured missions and quests might be confused at first.

Roblox provides all players with a standard avatar to start that can be customized with different colors, model skins and hats. Players start in a personal world that is mostly empty. The first part of the game is spent learning how to combine blocks and manipulate the world. This is done through a program known as Roblox Studio. The application is similar to a 3D modeling program or level editor.

One of the unique parts of building in Roblox is that players can use scripts written in the Lua scripting language. This allows players to assign very complex and custom actions or responses to items within the game world. Players who are skilled in Lua can create entire mini-games within the world. It is also possible to share scripts with other players.

Roblox is free to play although there are different levels of premium monthly memberships available to anyone willing to pay. The game also allows for microtransactions so players can purchase special items or the in-game premium currency known as Robux. Currency can be used to buy items from other players. Roblox also has a catalog of specially designed items like weapons and avatar customizations for sale.

Roblox is an interesting sandbox game that encourages players to explore different worlds, to be creative and to socialize. The game is intentionally simple in some ways because it was designed for children although it now has a large adult following. Players will find world building easy and engaging. Finding and playing some of the mini-games made by other players is interesting as well.

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