Scp Containment Breach

Scp Containment Breach

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SCP – Containment Breach is a monster survival game set in the universe of a set of stories called SCP, created by the apply named SCP foundation. You play as a guard working in a monster containment facility, and your task is to literally watch the monster you are in charge of. The creature, also known as SCP-173, has a unique quirk that only makes it deadly when not in somebody's line of sight. Between you and two other guards, the situation seems under control... until naturally, things go horribly wrong. The monster is loose, the lights are out, and it's highly possible that more unexpected problems await as you travel the halls of the facility in an effort to survive.

The game is still in alpha testing stages, leaving both the graphics and the story incomplete. The graphics are only lightly animated and aren't polished. The game currently has no ending, making the goal to simply survive for as long as possible. However, those who have played the game so far have given mostly positive reviews, complementing the game's tense, chilling nature and an interesting storyline so far. The game's growing fanbase has also created a variety of mods including translating the games into other languages, creating texture and sound packages that give the game a humorous spin, and creating their own monster designs.

Overall, SCP – Containment Breach is an extremely creepy and violent survival game, rivaling the growing genre of zombie survival with a unique monster (monsters?) all its own. The game managed the impressive task of taking lackluster graphic appeal and still creating a game world that truly drags the players into an adventure that has freaked quite a few players out.

What will you uncover as you run from what you can't see? And how long will you survive?

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