Shutter Island Game

Shutter Island Game

Shutter Island is a point and click adventure game that follows the same plot as the movie of the same name. US Marshall Teddy Daniels and his partner come to the mental facility on the island to investigate a missing patient.

Things rapidly go downhill as a hurricane approaches the island and the patient is nowhere to be found. Things on the island as much more complicated then they seem.

You take control of Teddy and must collect items and solve puzzles to advance the story. What you think of the story depends on what you think of the film. I won't ruin it for you here. The gameplay is a mix of hidden object and puzzles, which is nothing new for adventure games. But the objects are easy to find and the puzzles are rather simple so the game flys by pretty quickly. The graphics are good, and do a good job of showing a creepy 50's mental institution.

Overall the game is pretty good, a decent free companion to the film.

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