Sniper Elite 2

Sniper Elite 2

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One of the most popular genres in video games today is the shooter genre. Most shooters allow the player to experience different types of combat with different types of weapons. These include everything from high-explosive combat to tactical gadgets and weapons combat. Although, perhaps the most enjoyable and popular of these different game mechanics is the sniper combat. Nearly every shooter has a few levels or a few moments where the player is allowed to step into the exciting world of sniping and sniper combat. For most games, this is only a few levels or a few short moments where the player is given this opportunity. However, in Sniper Elite 2, the player is given this fun and exciting type of combat throughout the entire game.

This is the main appeal of Sniper Elite 2. Most players enjoy the sniper combat moments of other games, but only get to experience it for a few moments. Sniper Elite 2 takes that brief moment of excitement and stretches it out for the entire game. The most notable achievement of this game is that it succeeds in fulfilling its promises. Sniper Elite 2 takes you into the sniping world and actually makes you feel like a real sniper. The different game mechanics such as the slow-motion bullet-time and the realistic shooting conditions provide the player with an amazing experience that feels authentic and satisfying.

One of its true achievements is the game’s ability to stay fresh with varied enemies and objectives. Although the entire game is centered on sniper-shooting, there are still various moments that allow for different types of gameplay. Even with this, the game also allows players to experiment and even avoid sniping altogether if the player wishes. There are still many other weapons at the player’s disposal, but sadly other types of combat don’t feel as satisfying as the sniper combat, even though it's really the sniping that matters. In this sense, the game is successful, but it would have been a large plus if the other aspects of the combat were at least as receptive and satisfying. Odd targeting and uncomfortable maneuvering only hamper this flaw even further.

Sniper Elite 2 certainly isn’t a perfect game. A slight lack of polish both graphically and technically can feel a bit unnerving at times, but ultimately Sniper Elite 2 delivers where you’d expect it to.

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