Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3

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Spider-Man 3 is similar to Spider-Man 2 in many ways, but features significantly more content.

The game includes a darker, more violent Spider-Man alter ego character that is very similar to the standard Spider-Man in terms of playing, but different in terms of the addition of a rage mode.

As anyone familiar with Spider-Man would expect, the game allows the superhero to humiliate his opponents through his biting humor and unique combat moves.

Spider-Man 3 offers 42 missions and 10 storylines, so players shouldn't get bored quickly. Another reason players are apt to stay engrossed is the game can be challenging. While not all missions are difficult, more than a few are borderline frustrating in their degree of difficulty.

The game is a pleasure in that Spidey is animated in a fluid manner consistent with his film form, and the scenes are rendered in great detail. You'll see many sections of New York City, including the docks and theater district.

At the beginning of the game, Spider-Man is equipped with a fair number of attack methods. However, as you progress, defeating one foe after another, he gains even better moves and web abilities.

Fans of the Spider-Man franchise will be happy with this game, as will many new to the world of the webcrawler.

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