Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

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Spiderman: Friend or Foe combines the classic game, film trilogy and previous games into one challenging video game that forces to players to defeat and also join forces with Spiderman's nemeses. The result is a game that is consistently surprising and also delivers on action throughout the missions. However, it does get to be problematic that almost every battle you go into, you will likely win. In fact, Spiderman puts it nicely in the very first level, "Do you think this ruins the fun that we're always winning?"

Yes, it most certainly does. While the game is set up to be an action-adventure brawler and may satisfy some players' needs for action, it's not a unique idea to the Marvel game franchise. It may seem like it has an interesting premise that makes the good guy team up with the bad guys, but it's still ordinary at its core. That's a major problem for most players who want more creative game play.

It doesn't help that the structure of each level is exactly like the one before it. Spiderman has to go to a new location, but the path is blocked. Enemies will then come out of the woodwork, and you have to kill them. The way is now clear, but as you move forward, your path is blocked again and you must fight until you reach the next nemeses who you will most likely defeat.

If you like going through mazes and killing stuff, Spiderman: Friend or Foe is a great game to play if you have some time to kill. You'll travel to some incredible places like Nepal, Tokyo, Cairo and Transylvania just to kill some guys and meet your enemies, but then join your enemies in a quest to defeat another enemy. It all sort of swims together once you start playing it. There's also no online multiplayer or co-op, and the local battle arena just doesn't cut it.

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