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Arcade hounds from the early 90's will remember Street Fighter 2 as the first 2-D fighter that everybody had to play. The successor to the original Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2 added more special moves as well as playable characters. Street Fighter 2 also added story lines to the characters, as well as fully finished, cut-scene endings.(1)

Upon its release, Street Fighter 2 had the arcades filled with combatants who were playing one another, mastering combos, and gaining bragging rights. Sales of Street Fighter 2 were over 1.6 billion dollars in 1993.(2) This latest downloadable version keeps much of what made the game one of the best-selling of all time. The pros are as follows:

Responsive controls: While playing the game using a keyboard may seem unintuitive, the movements respond nimbly.

Accurate graphics: This was a 16-bit game, and the graphics do not improve upon that. They do, however, faithfully recreate the arcade look and feel of the game.

Price: You can't beat free!

The cons are:

Some of the enemies, most notably Vega and Ryu, are far more difficult than their arcade counterparts. This could be seen as a plus if a greater challenge is desired but does not accurately reflect the abilities of the characters as they appeared in the arcade version.

This game would earn a 9/10 and is worthwhile version of one of the greatest selling games of all time.




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