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Stronghold Crusader uses a real time strategy design to control large units of armies fighting for the historic crusade battles of the middle ages. This game simulates some real events throughout the Middle East and Europe that involve some epic and large scale fights. A unique crusader trail essentially links 50 different missions that players must follow and complete in this game.

Most of the missions in Stronghold Crusader involve fighting against Arab or Muslim armies that occupy sites such as Jerusalem. The battles often feature sieges of walled cities that must be taken in order to proceed. The army units in Stronghold Crusader range from several hundred troops to several thousand troops. Real time management is an essential key component of the battle tactics in this game. All new zooming features allow players to take closer looks at some of the battles that literally involve thousands of soldiers and other military units. The skirmishes may take quite some time to complete, and patience is sometimes a key in Stronghold Crusader. Most of the units that are controlled in this game are armored knights that are accurately simulated according to the timeline of Medieval Europe. Kings and dukes are also referred to in some of the dialogue that discusses the historic Crusade campaign.

The graphics in Stronghold Crusader have a traditional 3D isometric design similar to some city or civilization building games. Features such as towers, palm trees, oasis and other landmarks are accurately represented to create a real sense of the Middle East. Additionally, the fights involve traditional weapons such as crossbows, swords, spears and catapults.

Stronghold Crusader also features an array of enemy Muslim characters such as The Caliph, Wazir, Nizar and Emir. Additional characters include leaders inspired by animal names such as rat, pig, snake and wolf.

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