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Stubbs the Zombie

Ever wanted to eat the brains of the living? If so, you'll enjoy this game, which casts you as Edwin "Stubbs" Stubblefield, who's risen from his grave to wreak havoc on a small 1950s town.

Stubbs has the ability to attack humans and turn them into zombies. These not-particularly-bright critters mostly shamble around looking for other victims, although you have a limited measure of control over them. So you'll eventually find yourself at the head of a zombie army rampaging through town. Unfortunately for you, the humans will start calling in bigger guns as well, so you'll have to ramp up the brain-munching to keep your undead forces growing.

As you progress through the game, Stubbs will master new zombie powers, including throwing his head or pancreas at attacking humans; the ability to, um, "release gas" to stun enemies around him; and removing his arm and send it crawling through small spaces to grab unsuspecting humans.

A cooperative mode allows a second player to join in the fun of zombifying the town. While Stubbs the Zombie is not a particularly difficult game, it's a fun, good-looking game with a wicked sense of humor that will keep a smile on your face as you visit horror on the living.

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