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Sudden Attack

Sudden Attack is a free to play multiplayer Counterstrike imitation from Nexon, the makers of Maple Story and other free to play games. Sudden Attack is a fairly good match for other online shooters, with a lot of weapons, maps, and gametypes, and some other additions like daily achievements that add more variety. The game is relatively simple and comparable to every other modern day online shooter. You start a round, pick your equipment, and try to kill the other team before they get you. The graphics are good but nothing spectacular, and the sound is average, with some very generic music. As a free to play game there are bonuses, skins, and other extras you can pay real money for if you like, this can make things slightly easier or add variety but you don't really need them. Overall it's a pretty good shooter, especially for being free.

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Sudden Attack, 4.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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