Super Mario World Deluxe 1.0

Super Mario World Deluxe

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Super Mario World Deluxe is a remake of the original SNES game Super Mario World. This game marked the forth entry into the Super Mario Bros. series, coming after the first three titles were released on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. A landmark release in many ways, this was the first Mario Bros. game to utilize 16 bit graphics and the audio improvements of the new system's capabilities.

Over a decade later, Super Mario World was ported to the Game Boy Advance video game system under the title Super Mario Advance 2. There were graphical changes made to the game, as well as minor variations in game design. Most notably, Luigi was given a different appearance and was allowed to jump slightly higher than Mario, though his run speed was reduced to compensate.

Super Mario World Deluxe is a graphical improvement over the original Super Mario World. Even though the graphics design utilized in the game was considered cutting edge at the time, the game is almost 25 years old. Even the Game Boy Advance port of the title is over 10 years old itself.

By updating the graphics of this landmark game, players are able to recreate the experience of enjoying such a historic, important game while enjoying some of the graphical improvements that current technology offers. However, the game remains true to its roots and provides the authentic platform experience delivered by the original. This game is truly a must-play for any player that appreciates the history and importance of the Super Mario Bros. franchise.


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