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Timeshift is a game for the pc that leaves you feeling satisfied that you are playing a good game. This is a shooter game that has been developed over enough time to really make it stand out from other similar games. The graphics look great, which helps enable you to really see what is happening in each scene. The game allows you to have control over time so that you can utilize different techniques while shooting and going through the puzzles that take place in different parts of the game. Unfortunately, the one-person game is not as exciting and does not offer many options for getting ahead in the levels.

The time element is an interesting addition to the game that should not be overlooked. You are able to control time so that you can basically rewind the game and redo certain sequences of events. This provides you with the chance to react differently or take a different route than you did the first time. You feel like you have super powers, which is quite thrilling and fun. The puzzles are fun at the beginning but can grow boring over time. This is an element that might have been better left out of the game.

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